Voice Habilitation Clients:
  • Sarah Maines was such an integral part of my Long Covid recovery.  My speaking and singing voice were significantly impaired and I don't know how I would of recovered without her guidance.  Her exercises and tips for form and breathing helped me immensely.  I feel like a stronger, more dynamic singer than I did before.  I highly recommend working with her whether you are dealing with long covid symptoms that impair your voice, any vocal health issue or just looking to improve and build upon your vocal skills.  She's not only a great teacher, but a lovely person to work with. - Christine Wolf, punk singer 
  • I was diagnosed with Vocal Cord Paralysis July 2021 and struggled with the debilitating effects. I'm an actor and acting instructor and my voice is critical for my career. Sarah was a godsend at that time. I was amazed at the breadth of her knowledge and by her patience, infectious good humor and positive support.  Thanks to her I learned how to use my voice more efficiently and sustain it through that difficult time. She even visited my ENT with me to offer support and give the ENT information on my condition. Sarah is an absolute joy to work with and I found myself looking forward to every session. If you need a vocal coach for any reason, I could not recommend her more highly. - Shelly Lipkin
  • This is to recommend the talented Sarah Maines for voice rehabilitation in unique and challenging situations.  In the last 10 years the Post Polio Syndrome (PPS) challenges I had been living with for many years finally began to effect my ability to swallow and speak. I was Sarah's first PPS student.
    Like all exceptional teachers, Sarah worked with me in a collaborative approach to my learning. Her listening skills are A+, her extensive professional skills were adapted to my special needs expertly, and she showed a willing flexibility to work with me in the discovery process of what worked and what did not.  Her written summary notes of our lessons were a demonstration of all of the above plus her incredible organizational skills.
    Needless to say, with all that at my back, I have made and continue to make great progress in my ability to be understood when I speak.
    Above all else, Sarah is a lovely, gracious woman with a heart of gold. She genuinely cares and will use her generous heart and tremendous talents to help any and all if it is within her abilities to do so.........and it probably will be.

    Good luck and happy sailing......it will be with Sarah sharing the journey! - Julie Anne Feinstein 

  • After doing dozens of podcasts and morning TV spots I realized I had a problem with my vocal power. Sarah has been instrumental in helping me identify my speaking weaknesses and fix them. In just a few sessions I learned how to not only preserve my voice when I am speaking and recording all day, but also to improve my vocal power. Since working together I have had people ask me if I was ever a singer or performer because my voice had such great 'resonance.' This is all Sarah's training and help. I found my real voice with Sarah. -Vanessa Van Edwards, Author and Speaker at ScienceofPeople.com
  • After singing my whole life I began to have difficulty reaching notes that had been easily within my range. During this same period of time my husband had been diagnosed with a serious illness and I was experiencing a lot of stress. Sarah was recommended to me. I had previous voice lessons off and on throughout my life but  Sarah's technique was something I had never been exposed to. She helped me to regain my voice and enjoy singing again. Sarah is so intuitive and she knew exactly what was needed to correct the problem. She helped me to understand how the voice works and gave me strategic exercises to achieve my goals. I learned that  mental and physical preparation need to accompany warm ups. She is encouraging and her knowledge and ability to connect and communicate are amazing. - Gale Towery
  • Dr. Maines is the ideal vocal therapist for me. She is knowledgeable, professional, and enthusiastic, and she has been wonderfully supportive of my goals and aspirations as a singer. - Doug Marshall

  • Dr. Sarah Maines came to EOU to work with music majors, offer some workshops, and lecture and I can attest that she changed the way people view their vocal production. The lectures were accurate, interesting, and fun.  The one on one instruction was detailed, effective, and specific to the student in the room at the time.  My students and the community members who attended these events are still talking about their experience. - Jamie Jacobson, Instructor of Music, EOU

  • A highly literate, poised and genuinely friendly person with a deep sense of personal integrity, Sarah Maines is a colleague who is sincerely passionate about bringing the gift of voice to her students and clients. - David Meyer, DM; Associate Professor of Voice and Voice Pedagogy, Shenandoah Conservatory
  • I deeply value her opinion as a teacher and often look to her for feedback on a student's abilities and progress. - Amy Asbury, MM, MS; Voice Faculty, Foxcroft School and Blue Ridge Community College
  • Her knowledge of the human voice is astounding. - Janette Ogg, DMA; Professor Emeritus of Voice and Voice Pedagogy, Shenandoah Conservatory
Students and Parents:
  • "...thank you so much for everything throughout the past semester. It's been such a wonderful experience for me to able to explore so many different aspects of my voice and learn more about how to perform and sing more efficiently. It's also been so cool to be able to discover my own CCM sound since I've never really tried it out before, and it ends up being really fun!  :)
    Every Wednesday, I truly looked forward to our 10:15 am voice lessons - I always enjoyed being able to figure out interesting aspects of my voice with you. Time always flew by during those Wednesday morning times because I was having so much fun. I really appreciate your upbeat and lively personality, as well as your genuine passion for teaching about vocal pedagogy (I still really like the word "pedagogy").
    I'm really glad that I was able to take voice lessons this semester, and I'm also very very glad that you have been such a supportive and kind-hearted teacher when guiding me through various vocal techniques and singing styles.
    I've had so much fun working with you during voice lessons, and I'm also really proud of what I've been able to accomplish throughout this semester." ~ Mitchell Nguyen
  • Dr. Sarah Maines has been a source of light, positivity and support in my life since I started taking lessons with her. I earned my BFA in musical theater years ago, and after a break from singing, Sarah helped me to rediscover and unwrap my passion for music. I feel comfortable taking risks in the studio and feel supported by her coaching as I try new techniques and challenging songs. After taking lessons from voice coaches my whole life, I can whole-heartily say that Sarah is the best teacher I have ever had. She understands the voice anatomically, emotionally and musically. She is an expert communicator and problem solver. And best of all, she is a lovely, humble and happy person whom I look forward to seeing each week. I highly recommend Sarah to any and all vocal students. - Megan Lask
  • Sarah Maines is an incredible teacher and warm hearted person. Her passion for vocal training is clear from the moment you step into a session with her. I've had the great privilege of studying with Sarah for three years and have seen amazing results from my lessons with her. She has helped me strengthen my voice and understand how to work with it. When I first started with her I had little confidence in the sound of my voice and never thought I could belt or sing in my upper register. But after working with Sarah she has taught me how to support my voice so that I can belt musical theatre, sing comfortably in my head voice, and find my own voice in today's pop songs. But most importantly Sarah has taught me confidence in my voice. I am so grateful for all she has taught me over these years, she truly is a remarkable teacher. - Elaina Laughlin

  • Thank you for all you do instructing your students.  ALL of your students were well prepared, well supported, had great intonation and confidence! This was not a distinction of natural ability but rather a difference in their vocal education and training. We are blessed to have you as a teacher! - Michelle Gustafson, parent
  • We are so thankful to have had Sarah as our daughter's voice teacher for the last several years.  She has encouraged and supported our daughter with making educational decisions and social decisions, as well as decisions about her vocal activities- all helping her to develop the self-confidence that she will need to be successful at the College of William and Mary. Sarah is so positive and energetic that just being around her makes you feel positive. She can shed a positive light on any situation or decision. We are so happy that she has been part of our daughter's life through her high school years.  We will truly miss her. - Bill and Angie Crawford, parents
  • Thank you so much for today - I would not be where I am without you! - Amanda Willis, winner of her NATS category
  • One of the most special things about Dr. Maines is how careful she is to be positive and supportive with her students. After listening to a student sing, she always focuses on the positive aspects of the song before the constructive criticism, which really helped me to grow comfortable with my own voice. When I make a mistake in a song, she is always willing to keep trying until I have corrected my mistake.- Emily Crawford (See Emily's entire letter of recommendation for Dr. Maines here.)