My studio atmosphere is fundamentally positive and encouraging.

Laughter is often a key component for new students to become comfortable with taking risks and trusting my instruction. I strive to create a brave space where students are comfortable embracing a growth mindset. "Progress, Not Perfection."

I treat singers as unique individuals.

I strive to find a language and style that is tailored for each student’s personality, voice, gender identity, learning style, and musical tastes rather than adhering to one blanket approach.

I understand that singers are athletes.

It is my ethical duty to train these vocal athletes in healthy vocal techniques that will enable them to create art for years to come. I teach from my understanding of healthy singing as the most efficient dynamic interplay of the three sub-systems of voice: respiration, phonation, and resonance.

I intentionally guide my students toward increased self-awareness.

Encouraging students to discover the root of a technical problem for themselves rather than asking them to follow rote physical instruction allows them to take more ownership of their instrument. I am not in a student's body, so I never assume that I know what they are feeling or experiencing. ​

I strive to help students become artists.

I believe that it is essential to coach students toward becoming adept at communicating with their audience. Singers in my studio learn to master expressive singing through honest characterization.

I never forget that students trust me with their dreams.

I have spread my dreams under your feet. Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.  This beautiful quote by W. B. Yeats is strategically placed in my line of sight as I teach. It is my privilege to tread carefully among the dreams of my students.